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Life in the time of Trump

Donald Trump has been the President of the United States for nearly 7 months now. What has he accomplished?

He has made this country look absolutely foolish to the rest of the world. He "governs" if you can call what he does governing by tweeting. But he doesn't tweet out anything useful or beneficial. No, his tweets are for the most part hurtful to some element of society.

The chief executive of a country is supposed to provide leadership. Nothing that has come from the person occupying the White House can be categorized as leadership. Instead, he insults the integrity of those who dare to oppose him; he enables those who are emblematic of the worst of the country; and he refuses to ever admit he did something wrong. Instead of a leader in the White House, we have a narcissistic buffoon who has notions of grandeur. Trump is all about one thing, and one thing only. Trump. I truly believe that if he had been required to make full disclosure of his financial holdings he would never have run from President, and if he had to divest himself of all his financial holdings, he would never go through and be sworn in as President. His entire raison d'etre is to embellish his "brand", and that did not stop when he was sworn in.

The laws of this country need to be changed so that anyone running for public office is required to provide full financial disclosure and that if they are elected they must divest themselves of whatever interests they may have. I don't think just putting all assets into a blind trust will be sufficient, as the office holder may still be able to influence the person administering the trust so that the office holder benefits from their knowledge gained as an office holder.

So, how does all this actually affect the vast majority of those in this country? It's actually pretty simple...your rights will be eroded, your livelihood will disappear despite Trump's promises to the contrary, and your health will be of concern to no one but yourself if his announced plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a feasible plan to replace it.

In my opening sentence I asked what has Trump accomplished? Again the answer to that question is simple...nothing that benefits the American people.

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